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Pocket sized tins for your smokeables

5zero3 is a site dedicated to bringing you NwWeedWallets out of Portland Oregon.  These handy tins are designed to carry your personal cannabis joints and/or cigarettes comfortably in your pocket.  The tins interior is lined with felt to help protect your delicate smokeables and includes a built in divider to separate your lighter from other items.  The interior comfortably fits several standard size gram joints or cigarettes.


​While these pocket tins are specifically designed to hold a lighter and smokeables, they can also be used to carry mini vapes, jewelry, trinkets, or any small personal items.  Buy one for yourself, or fill it with goodies and give it as a gift or care pack.

All WeedWallets have a gloss black exterior with interior currently available in colors of (black, purple, green, pink, and teal).


Each wallet has an attached polycord tether, includes a standard bic lighter, an aluminum self cleaning one-hitter, and a small slide-open tin to store bud or small effects.

External dimensions: 3.45 x 4.46 x .75 inches.

Hand constructed in Portland Oregon.


for questions and comments contact

Available in 5 colors

wallets come with a cigarette sized aluminum, spring push-to-clean one-hitter.
- can hold standard business cards
- fits up to 12 cigarettes

- comes with small storage tin
- comes with aluminum one-hitter
- comes with standard lighter 

Visit NwWeedWallets on INSTAGRAM

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